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Cross-Cultural Training

Here you will find valuable information and links to sites related to Expatriate resources and expatriate living.
  • Across Cultures Co. - offers consulting, cultural awareness testing, language instruction and translation services for internationally-focused companies.
  • AmAsia - intercultural communications consulting and Japanese business support services.
  • ANET Consulting Group - global business and marketing consulting firm.
  • Asia Partnership - specializing in 'cross-cultural' recruitment, human resources consulting and training.
  • Bennett Group - intercultural management, training, and consulting firm.
  • Brannen Group, The - international business consulting and cross-cultural training services.
  • Brownlee & Associates - communication & negotiation skills training based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques. Courses, consultancy services, and site in English and Spanish.
  • Centre For International Briefing, The - provides country specific briefings, intercultural workshops, and language training for international managers.
  • Cornelius Grove & Associates - consultants offer to help people from different cultures work together productively to attain the global objectives of their firm.
  • Criterion World International Business Services - offers cross-cultural, pre-assignment, repatriation, and stress management training for employees working abroad.
  • Cross Cultural Health Care Program - provides interpreter and translation services to local health care institutions. Also offers nationwide training programs in linguistic and cultural competency.
  • Cross-Cultural Management Co. Pty. Ltd - provider of seminars and learning resources in cross-cultural training for Thai and foreign managers in Thailand.
  • East-West Business Strategies - specializes in Russian-American cross-cultural communication, negotiations training and business consulting.
  • Ethologie, Inc. - provides intercultural consulting services for exemplifying civility in executive leadership.
  • Executive Orientation Services - cross-cultural programs for foreign business professionals in Indonesia.
  • G. Douglas Lipp & Associates - customer service and international competitiveness speaking.
  • Global Integration - Remote and Cross-cultural Training - offers remote and cross-cultural management training for people who work internationally.
  • Global Training Systems - specializes in human resource development through workshops, seminars, and training tools.
  • Graf and Nestler - globalization training, translation, and consulting services.
  • Intercultural Management Institute - services include cross-cultural orientation and negotiations, multicultural management, and US business culture training.
  • Intercultural Management Quarterly - dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of intercultural dynamics in global organizations.
  • Intercultural Press - publisher of books and materials in the field of intercultural relations.
  • International Orientation Resources - specializes in cross-cultural training for employees with foreign assignments. Also provides expatriate services and global management training.
  • Introspec - offering MBE/WBE consulting, training and lectures, and African art exhibits, sales and service, and African tours through the Ralph Proctor Gallery.
  • ITAP International - provides cross-cultural consulting, training, and products.
  • Langua Tutor, Inc. - provides foreign language and ESL training, cross-cultural training, translation and interpretation services, and relocation assistance to many corporations nationwide.
  • Language Direct - provides corporate language classes and cross-cultural training.
  • Lawrence Solow and Associates - specializing in the areas of teams, culture, and multicultural change.
  • Malkam Consultants Ltd. - offering courses in ESL, FSL and other languages. Training in diversity, multiculturalism, on-arrival and pre-departure briefings.
  • Media in English - offers native and non-native English speakers in Europe, English language training for making presentations, media relations, and crisis management.
  • Meridian Resources Associates - provides products and services to improve Western - Asian business relationships.
  • People Going Global - culture and travel information for business travellers. Provides links, tips, and answers to cultural questions via email.
  • REEP - intercultural communications firm specializing in leadership and management training.
  • SoCoCo Intercultural, Inc. - training and consulting company specializes in Western European/French and American cultures.
  • TransImage Inc
  • Tucker International - provides personnel assessment, intercultural and language training, and consulting to multinational organizations.
  • Understanding Europe - how to create effective multinational teams at the European level.
  • Window on the World, Inc. - specializing in customized communications and cross-cultural training and consulting for multinational corporations.
  • World Learning Business Solutions - provides business communications skills, cross-cultural, and foreign language training for employees of global organizations.


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